AMB-WIBA Qualitätsmaschinen für die Blechbearbeitung.

Very high performance with high flexibility

Our gutter machine has been constantly developed for over 30 years and is thus an absolute trendsetter in industry circles. This precision-designed special machine is based on two basic configuration types and is tailored exactly to customer requirements.

Simple innovations, proven many times over.

The downpipe machines have also been developed over many years.

The downpipe machines from AMB-WIBA are used to produce low-cost crimped pipes quickly and efficiently in different sizes.

Easy loading of the decoiler system together with the pallet!

If your coils are stored on pallets or delivered directly on pallets, the pallet decoiler gives you the edge. The system is used to decoil sheet metal coils in conjunction with a sheet metalworking machine.

Easy loading of the decoiler system with the help of a scissor lift table.

The system is used to decoil sheet metal coils in conjunction with a sheet metalworking machine. The Sheet metal coils of up to 5 tons can be positioned directly with the help of the scissor lift table and hydraulically clamped.

Over 30 years experience in roll forming.

To meet the requirements of the forming work, we build roll formers with just a few roll stands, but also systems with up to 40 roll stands. The diameter of rolls can also vary from ø 40 mm to ø 500 mm.

Easy to use, easy to handle.

The machine is used for the fully automatic processing of different elements on all sides, providing these elements with all the necessary holes, threaded holes, countersinking and milling contours.

High efficiency through optimally customized machines.

We design and manufacture special machines for your specific application, whether components need to be processed, punched, drilled, bent or assembled.

A simple system for a trouble-free process.

Through a robust design, the hydraulic ladder press enables the rungs to be precisely connected to side rails of up to 6 meters long.

Many process steps with minimal effort.

Due to high manufacturing speeds, this optimized machine delivers cost-effective snow guards. The precise tooling maintains the quality of the guards.

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